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Migration of the current ERP system to new hardware


IT infrastructure renewal


Modernization and migration of ERP systems come with significant risks and downsides for any company. It is, therefore, crucial to have an IT team that sets effort into ensuring the success of such operation. Astra Services contacted OQTOTEC to help migrate their current ERP solution to new hardware and for long-term maintenance and IT support of daily operations. Our client had complete confidence in our expertise and experience to cover all new infrastructure setup and maintenance areas.

With the migration to new hardware, Astra Service took the pragmatic decision to use MS 365 as a collaboration platform. OQTOTEC introduced and presented the whole MS 365 collaboration platform and ensured flawless integration and administration.

Our solution provided our expertise and service to cover all areas of an office infrastructure setup, following the client’s needs from the most basic encounters to complex IT setup. This included workplace management, network systems setup, network infrastructure arrangement, cable management, deployment of desktop equipment, and installation of all digital and electronic devices.

As always, we ended this part of the project by delivering complete and detailed documentation of all the processes to our client. In addition, we continue to provide ongoing maintenance and onsite support of hardware and software for all office components.

We thank our clients again for the trust and confidence they put in us!


  • Implementation of OpenVPN for secure access from branch/home office
  • MS365 Backup to local NAS solution for ensuring business continuity.
  • Structured network cabling
  • Microsoft Windows Client deployment
  • Creation of detailed floorplan documentation and layout
  • Quality assurance of the network connectivity for all deployed network components and various provider lines 
  • Migration of corporate file share to MS365
  • Migration of Sage ERP Platform to a new server with remote access


  • Instant response of the implemented architecture
  • Fast and reliable rollout
  • Upgrade all office appliances to the latest technologies.
  • Boost company performance and staff productivity while opening up to new clients.
  • Ease the daily operations of the employees, opening to new client opportunities, and expanding business recognition.
  • Process Automation, higher user productivity, and defect reduction



We are thankful for having OQT as our IT support. We got a recommendation two years ago and are happy since then with reliable support.

The reaction is always fast when needed. We are so satisfied with the changes implemented and the excellent advice facing our needs. With Kurt Balanica as our direct communication partner, we found a person we can fully trust, enjoy working with, and has the most professional advice.

Thank you, Kurt, and the rest of OQT. We can highly recommend your service.

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