who we are

our mission

We live computer science and technology. We provide you first-class engineering expertise, so you can take care of your business, while we take care of the technology.

Passion, excellence, and trust are our guiding principles.

We pick up where others leave off

Reverse engineering, design correction, or complete alteration of the implemented solution? Count on us for everything. We ensure that all project targets are achieved even in the most difficult conditions.

Fairness and transparency are our top priorities

We value honest communication and always exercise transparency in our practices. For us, service quality means consulting exclusively in the interest of our customers.

We act responsibly

We assume responsibility for our customers, our employees and our business partners by always acting according to our guiding principle.

Our passion is technology and its continuous improvement

check out the team


IT Consulting | Corporate Management

Kurt Balanica

Senior IT Consultant System Engineering and Security

Patrick Tschopp

Senior IT Consultant System Engineering and Security

Francisco Gonzalez

Junior IT Consultant System Engineering

Cristian Petrovai


IT Management Consultant

Ramona Szilveszter

Security Officer

Gunnery Sergeant PÆPPERmore


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